8804SAM  Advanced  Mathematics:-

Mathematical functions – higher Ordinary differential equations – partial differential equation (linear and nonlinear) – boundary value problem – engineering applications


806SASG Advanced Space Geodesy:-

This course is prepared for postgraduate students. It starts with general introduction about the development of global surveying techniques and this includes different subjects, such as optical global triangulation, electromagnetic global trilateration, and satellite-based positioning. Furthermore, different positioning and navigation satellite systems are presented and highlited in this course.  After this general introduction of the GNSS, the Global Positioning System is dealt with in details. Additionally, this course focuses on further three main themes. These are: International GNSS Service (IGS) (as it is the main source of GNSS data and products); GNSS observables; Finally, Mathematical models for GPS.


8805SGEI Geoinformatics:-

Geoinformatics definition, webmapping concept, Principle components of geoinformatics, Contemporary aspects of informal data handling, Web 2.0 technologies and the development of geotagging, User Generated Content: concepts and applications, Development of volunteered geographic information (VGI), What’s the Use of Web Maps, Finding and retrieving maps and geodata on the web, Publishing maps on the web, Basic web data formats, Examples and initiative of geospatial data on the web, Exploration of the OpenStreetMap project, Editing data in OpenStreetMap, The architecture components of OSM database, Markup Languages, Open source software


812SAPLS Advanced Photogrammetric and laser Scanning (PLS) :-

aerotriangulation by bundle adjustment – self calibration – orthorectification – digital matching – normalized images – direct and indirect georeferencing – Multi sensor triangulation – computer vision and softcopy Photogrammetry – laser imaging by Lidar


8802SAST Optimization :-

Linear programming by simplex method , Non linear programming( pattern search method ,Constrained minimization by LaGrange multiplier ,Unconstrained minimization ,Minimax optimization ,Quadratic optimization) ,Application in surveying engineering


808SAC Advanced Cartography:-

Theory of distortion, Tissot indicatrix, Computing angular and direction distortion, Length distortion, area distortion, The orientation of tissot indicatrix ,Implementation & planning, Display devices, Hard copy equipments, Digitizer, Scanner, Sources of errors in map production, Comparison between digitizer & scanner, Types of scanners, Scanning from distance, Cartographical data.


8803SAG Advanced Geodesy:-

Fundamental aim, goals of geodesy, determination of length arc of meridian arc using triangulation or trilateration , determination of the parameters of spheroid using large number of meridian arcs , differential equations due to change in geodetic position and azimuth , astro-geodetic determination of parameters of spheroid by area method using deflection of vertical , topographic correction of deflection of vertical , isostatic deflection of vertical correction, gravimetric deflection of vertical , dynamic geodesy , transformation between datums , bursa-wolf transformation , differential projective transformation procedure , adjustment of mixed observation (hybrid) , adjustment by length ration. 


SE 501 Advanced Adjustment Computations:-

Adjustment by general least square , Adjustment with constraints , adjustment with additional parameters , Unified approach of least square , Blunder detection by data snooping ,Sequential data adjustment ,Three dimensional networks adjustment


8802SAST  Advanced Statistic :-

Introduction: presenting data ,basic probability,Probability distributions: discrete probability dist., continuous probability Dist. ,Confidence interval estimation

Fundamentals of hypothesis testing : Z-test, T- test ,

χ2 –test (chi –square test): test of variance, test of goodness fit ,  Test of indenpence, normality test ,ANOVA test : one way, two way , Regression and correlation: simple linear regression, introduction tow multiple regression


807SARS Advanced Remote Sensing :-

Basic physical principals of remote sensing, The electromagnetic spectrum, Classification of remote sensing systems, Remote sensing scanning system, Multispectral scanner (MSS),Radar, Geometric aspects and cartographic applications of side- looking radar , Thematic mapper, TM subsystem development, Thematic mapper specifications the landsat multispectral scanner and thematic mapper sensor systems, Digital image processing, Digital image enhancement.